A Welcome Surprise

This is the place where you can embrace your unplanned pregnancy you might have just found out about.


You might be reading these words overcome by mixed feelings or even fears for yourself and your future.


Make yourself at home, sit back and read a few “postcards” written especially for you so that you can leave this website a bit more cheerful and confident.


It is estimated that more than a third of the general population was born as a result of a surprise of unplanned pregnancy. I believe I was one of those people and so was my husband 🙂


So now also you’ve won this life-lottery. You have been chosen to be this tiny person’s mom. It might sound daunting now.


Please, read the encouraging words below and take heart!


Your Little One is like a renowned guest who comes unannounced. It is as if someone you love dearly knocked on your door in the middle of the night. You open your door hesitant, but once you’ve broken the ice you enjoy their presence immensely.


How beautiful is the Little body being formed in your womb! You don’t even have to control the process as it unfolds, step by step, even while you’re asleep. You’re full of life.


You have an entire 8.5 months to put things together for his/her arrival. That’s plenty of time. Think about all the wonderful things you can now buy and prepare. That’s also plenty of time to calm down and feel joy, to move house…


There’s a beautiful saying in Polish: “a baby is born with a loaf of bread” meaning that even if your financial situation is difficult at the time of conception, things will get better in inexplicable ways upon the birth of the baby. A few of my friends have lived through such an experience.


The most beautiful things in life are not the ones we have planned. Many beautiful moments exceed our expectations. Children are no different.


This child is now calm, trusting and holding on to you, he/she’s feeling warm and cosy. You too should get warm under a blanket, mommies deserve their break.


Even if you weren’t planning on becoming a mom now, this child has chosen you for his mom now. You are the only one who can bring them to this world.


Perhaps the little hands that grow and extend slowly, inch by inch, will be the ones to hold you one day when you’re old and frail.


Think about how fun it will be to discover your traits in this tiny human being. Think about a few good-looking features you have. Chances are, this baby is lucky to have inherited a few of them. You will know when you see him/her.


You might be feeling scared or even panicked, embarrassed. These emotions do not make you unfit to embrace your role of mom. Not at all!! Most women experience them. These emotions will come and go.


A drifting thought of the shiny sequins on my skirt

A little wine, yes, perhaps that, too

Accompanied by gentle whispers, a moment of frenzy

That left me quickly

With a spinning head

And life went on.


Life. On.

Yes, it was all on to something, someone.

It was the stuff you’re made of, child

That started to pervade me

A sense of purpose hidden in the flesh

The mystery of the glittery sequins and the growing cells

You, Them, Both


Humming the hymn

Of creation